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Vectron International Obtains ETL Listed Mark for ViSmart® Viscosity Sensor and Shunt–Diode Barrier

About SenGenuity's Sensor Engines

SenGenuity Sensor Engines are unique sensor solutions designed and manufactured based on Vectron International's world–class Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) technologies.

SenGenuity Sensor Engines are optimized for specific sensing applications and offer key advantages and attributes, including:
  • Small Size
  • Quick and accurate measurement capability
  • Robust and Reliable Performance in very harsh environments
  • Adaptable to application specific requirements
Current Products include:
  • In–line, continuous viscosity sensing solutions
  • Passive (batteryless) and wireless Temperature sensing solutions
  • Passive (batteryless) and wireless Pressure sensing solutions

featured application photo of print inks application where our Viscosity Sensors would be a solution

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Featured Product

featured product photo of the SenGenuity TempTrackr Wireless Multipoint System
NEW TempTrackr® System
released in October 2014

The next generation WSR–T2 Wireless SAW Reader is now available with improved system performance and a standard RS485 interface. A firmware update supports the new product by allowing operation with lower transmission power for each individual sensor to meet the CE & FCC limits. Furthermore, a fast measurement mode is included which is very useful for rotating and reciprocating applications where temperature measurements from the sensors need to be captured within a very short period of time. The new reader (WSR–T2–A4B7C0D0E2) will be included in TempTrackr® Starter Kits in Q4/2014 and will include a RS485–to–USB cable for plug–n–play operation.

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Featured Application

featured application photo of print inks application where our Viscosity Sensors would be a solutionViscosity Sensing in Printing Applications
Measurement of Aqueous & Solvent-Based Inks can Benefit From the Latest Advancements in Technology. This paper discusses the existing viscosity measurement techniques and reviews the latest advancements in acoustic wave viscosity sensor technology

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